A day “Under the Tuscan Sun” – Cortona

A day “Under the Tuscan Sun” – Cortona

While in Florence you can enrich your stay with visit in nearby cities with some itineraries like the one we mention in some  previous articles

Cortona is about 1h30m away from Florence either driving or by train. Mainly famous for being the place of the movie “Under the Tuscan Sun” but historically more famous for lots of other reasons.
The village of Cortona is on the top of a hill and the train will reach the base of the hill itself. A 5 minute taxi ride will bring you up to the city center where you can easily spend 5/6 hours enjoying food, wine, arts and museums. The one way train ticket will cost about 10.00€ per person plus taxi ride.

What to do in Cortona
The city of Cortona is a little pearl itself; worth to visit in summer for its amazing sights over the valley, unique in the winter emerging from the fog of the Valdichiana Flat as a little island from the sea.

The Museo Etrusco is one of the most important museums about this ancient and mysterious Culture, where you can learn about the history of the city and of the Etruscan civilization. The museum is so important that it has direct connection with Louver Museum related to Etruscian expositions.
The visit to the upper Cathedral of the city and the Fortress will explain you why Cortona was so strong and powerful during the Renaissance period despite of its size. It is a perfect viepoint and tradepost for all the people passing by.

Our main suggestion for a very genuine and good restaurant is “Le Loggette” overlooking Piazza della Repubblica. Try their fabulous Mezzelune, you will not regret it! If you would like to sit outside ask it immediately when you will book or there is no way you can get it…
In Cortona there is a worldwide famous Enoteca, Molesini’s , where you can have a wine tasting and a chat with Marco and his family. Visit to local cellars and wine houses in the surrounding might be arranged on a very short notice.
Several artisans have placed their business in the city of Cortona, restorer, jewelers, fashion designers. Visit to their “bodegas” could be arranged too.

Cortona is also a name of one of the Italian DOC wines. DOC Cortona obviousely. My preferred overthere is definitely Avignonesi, a Farmhouse where you can vist the the way they produce their wines but – moreover – the Vinsanteria with the Appassitoio, the place where you will learn all about the history and lores of famous Vinsanto. Their one is a real elixir, maybe because it is extremely aged! Last time we’ve been there there was the opportunity for a vertical blind tasting of one of their wine. It definitely worth the price!

On the way back to Florence and Villa Landucci you can either enjoy a light dinner in one of the traditional country restaurants – Like Giusti’s nearby Incisa A1 Exit, book it – or maybe a visit to one of the Outlets over there like TheMall or TheSpaceOutlets