Florence Restaurant – 2020 Preferred List by Villa Landucci

Florence Restaurant – 2020 Preferred List by Villa Landucci

When you stay in a Gourmet B&b food and wine are expectation that need to be faced carefully. During your stay at Villa Landucci you can attand or arrange experiences  , with some of them definitely focused about food and its preparation! Unfortunately cooking classes are not the solution for every nightso here we have a few restaurant we selected in town, some in our neighbour, some inthe citycenter. We will make a countryside restaurant post in the near future.

In the neighbour of Villa Landucci, walking in direction of the historical city center, we got 4 restaurant, different in style and service that we would like to point out.

The Centocanti, managed by Pino,  is a  modern location where, between tables and a back courtyard, you can enjoy salads, burgers, pasta, pizza ni several dough (i love the seeds one) and some iconic dishes of the italian kitchen. Do not forget the daily dishes written on the board as you get in!

A few meters after Centocanti you will find Fuoripiazza, i like to consider it a tavern. The owner is a nice person always ready for a joke and the service, with young waiters, very easy and kind. Typical florentine dishes with some gems more for “local lovers”

Barrino is, in my humble opinion, the restaurant of Via Gioberti. The place where you find that little extra care from Margherita and her staff. They have a seasonal menu with a couple of extra menù dishes that might bring in some nice surprise. My favourite? Deep Fried zucchini flowers stuffed with scamorza cheese and anchovies

Approaching to the end of Via Giobevrti you find Pizzeria la Luna, a mandatory place for gluten intolerants. La Luna is a restaurant that is present in the Celiac Guide and have all their plates prepared regular or gluten free. This summer they olso opened “La Luna Garden” a oasis of hidden tranquility.

On the other side of the railroad starting from Villa Landucci we would like to point out two more places: La Piazza del Vino – old industrial complex remade restaurant – where all the world wines show themselves and ruled the place. Here they have the “Carte de vin” not only for the bottles like everywhere but also for the “Wine Glasses” in order to provide the opportunity of a simple try from some wine from all over the world. There is also a new entry Il Gambero Allegro a fish only place that is on our list for a soon tryout!

Moving toward the city center you have lots of restaurant to choose with but we keep going with our choiches in scattered order

Natalino is one of the historical restaurant of Florence, located inside an old unholy church with a small outside patio in a pedestrian road. Gabriele will be able to drive you in your choices and propose the proper wine pairings. Thanks to him i discover one of my favourites wines about 20 years ago. What will you eat at Natalino’s? Florentine recipes obviousely, may fab three are Duck Breast Carpaccio, Pasta surprise with pear and gorgonzola and the TBone Steak!!

If you love Florence and the florentine traditions you cannot miss Calcio Storico ! So we have to tell you about Alessandro and his restaurant  Osteria del Calciante. Here the menu has been revised under the 4 city colours of our local sport. Alessandro, a great Calciante playing unfortunately not for my team, could tell you about stories and episodes about our tradition. . a perfect dish to shareYou can find the most iconic city recipes in his places but i found a little dish i never spotted before: Deep Fried Lampredotto, a perfect dish to share!

Going deeper into the citycenter we look for a bit less uncommon recipe: Ossobuco (the Marrowbone).  You can really enjoy it in two places only according to my experience, at Osteria delle Belle Donne ,managed by Giacinto,  you can have it in a red sauce with spinach and at Antico Fattore , under Alessio’s eyesight, where it is made “white”. You can obviousely find a lots of Florentine recipes in their places but moreover a fantastic Florentine Spirit.

Along Via del Moro you can find two more great restaurants:  Gargani – where Ivan and Lorenzo always have a special attention for every guest – and  Giovanni where you will be given a small welcome surprise from Giovanni himself and his daughter Caterina. What to order here? Whatever you like, from the classic tuscan to tuscan base with an international review. I never miss the Meringato Cake  at Gargani and always order a bottle of Podere Campriano at Giovanni. He is the only one that has it in all Florence and it is not even reported in the winelist. There should be a reason behind…

We end this Restaurant Run going DilàD’Arno in Santo Spirito Neighbour. Our long time friend Andrea runs Borgo Antico and  T’Amerò perfect for lunch and dinner. Edoardo perfectly drive L’Osteria dell’Enoteca, with a special wine list that is more a chat than just reading a list. In the end we got Pandemonio. Here you have dinner in what was once a real home and you can still breath the presence of Mamma Giovanna. She use to teach everyone how to enjoy the TBone Steak, even if you are a real florentiner. “How dare you” if you do not call her Mamma, she was everyone’s mum and everyone remember great from her (and her superb Crostini obviousely)