Podere Ema – Pure Tuscan

Podere Ema – Pure Tuscan

In our usual excursion in the florentine Chianti, we alway pass in front of a small borgo made of bricks immediately after the San Martino Church. Here, on a day we were stuck behind a farmer truck, we saw a wine house sign Podere Ema . We were not able to resist the temptation and we get in.

The hill is full of vines and a big field of grass let us understand that the renew of the vines is part of the  wine research. Natalia show us a few peculiar point of the house and that, a nice man with a crazy look pass by the desk. The look a bit expert a bit fool of a person that loves his job: Enrico.

After shaking our hands and filled them up with a nice glass of red wine, he showed us his “orciaia”, the place where their grapes magically becomes their most peculiar wines: the Fogliatonda. We understood than why sipping Enrico’s wine is such a deep Tuscany tasting.

Podere Ema keeps its root in the desire of passion transmission, love and experience in the Tuscan wine. Starting in 2015 Enrico Calvelli and Marco Stucchi decided to start this project that has the philosophy and practice in “purely Tuscan” idea. The Winehouse produce great wines using only local grapes some of them used more than 300 years ago. This is an unlimited value project that embrace al the peculiarity of the soil, the local tradition and the area artisanal soul; all this mixed with research and experimentation in new local grapes to reach a wine for people that appreciate quality and original taste.

The more iconic wine is Foogliatonda. This is an old abandoned tuscan grape several time ago. There are traces of use of this grape as far as half of 1800quen it was registered between more than 3000 local. The Fogliatonda was dropped and easier harvesting or more famous international grapes were cultivated up to the 70s of 1900 when it was rediscovered and slowly brought to it ancient value. This local wine, with a local hearth, is raised in only 20 hectars spread out in the tuscany region. A very stong plant with big piramidal grapes that matures a bit later than the famous Sangiovese. The names come out from the shape of the leaves almost round. The vinification of Fogliatonda happens in Terracotta containers, the famous Orci di Impruneta. This way there is a double gain: keep the wine fresh and built up a bind between the clay soil where the grape raises and the clay used for the Terracotta of the Orci.  The final result is an amazing wine recognizable also for the progressive numeration handly written on each bottle. Fogliatonda will be but… not only that ! Podere Ema produce several wines embracing the Tuscan culture with a White wine, a rosè of Sangiovese and 2 more reds. All with their strong roots in the typical soil and terroire, the gentle and handly harvest,the slow transformation into wine.

In the last year the work start to give back some prizes with the value of 91/100 on the Fogliatonda 2016 that put it into the selection of “Best wines of the World”.You can have tasting and enjoyable moment in the panoramic view of their shop.Podere Ema is also associated with “Movimento del vino” and adhere to all events of “Winelovers”.

During the summer you can also find a special aperitivo evening on Wednesday. Try it up it is a must go!!