Chianti, a tour around!!

Chianti, a tour around!!

A stay in Florence is not only a city visit byt it can be completed with visits in the surroundings. Here we are to give you some hints on how to set up a day with a few more mileage than the previous itinerary.

Distances are not big but, due to the romantic and amazing Chianti Roads, time get extended more than what you expect. You can make this itinerary both ways, i prefer thie one as i Love to have dinner in the last described place.

Starting from Villa Landucci you pass trough Piazzale Michlangelo and by the Certosa del Galluzzo up to the A1 roundabout. Go on the fastway toward Siena and be careful for the speedtraps here and there.

Get out at San Donato and take the left. You immediately find the village of San Donato in Poggio on your right.There are many reason to stop by more than a faboulous view: Palazzo Pretorio Pizzeria, located ove the citywalls, and its amazing tasteful pizza. But sorry its early morning… sign the place for a dinner and keep going.

If you would like to have a light hiking in the vineyards follow directions to OLENA. This tiny place (maybe 20 resident including cats) is a starting place to walk in the farmers road, just about 1 hour walk, to breath the pure old classic Chianti air.

Passing nearby the Chianti Astronomical Observatory – where you can attend to star observation on selected dates – you can keep going in direction of Castellina and you immediately find direction to “Isole e Olena”, tiny winery but producing a great vine the “Cepparello”. You can have several tasting route in the winery and it is a mustdo considering you just walk trough their wineyards a few minutes before. From soil to glass!

Keep driving on the same road – be aware of amazing panorama behind each turn – you reach Castellina in Chianti. Here you can stop for a walk in the historical citycenter and the church of San Salvatore. In Castellina there is also a “Tumulo” (a tomb) that can be fully visited. For this reason a visit of the Archeological museum of Chianti is almost mandatory. You can learn that Chianti was inhabitated from the Copper Age already. But time pass fast and its time to eat something!!

Osteria la Piazza in a village called Piazza. Piazza in Piazza if you like. Small not crowded typical tuscan recipes.

If you would like to drive a bit more you can reach Panzano where – useless to say – you can stop at Cecchini Butcher Shop and stop for lunch in one of his 3 places. DarioDoc (but everyone call it McDario) Solociccia and the Officina della Bistecca. In my opinion DarioDoc with the Menù dell’Accoglienza is the best solution for lunch. If you are with lots of friends book ahead of time and go for Officina the Vertical Bistecca Tasting. Any of the 3 places allow you to bring your own wine. Did you buy a bottle in one of the wineries? Vegetarian Option is available for people that need it. Hereunder a sample of what is waiting for you at the Officina.

After lunch reach Greve for a small walkaround and than move up to Montefioralle a tiny village with a view overlooking the Chianti and literally “over” Greve.In Greve we suggest you to visit the Fattoria di Campriano, in the middle of the city and Elena, extremely gentle and proud of her wines, will drive you for tastings. Tiny production, extremely good wine. As far as i know there is only one restaurant that keep their wine in whole Florence and it is “not on the list”.

Keep staying in Greve you can visit “Cantine di Greve” (aka Cantine del Falorni) In this place you can find almost all the Chianti producers and their wines, easy to understand the differences between wines, producers, aging way. With a modern technology they can mantain the wine perfectly and allow customers tro try a sip (28gr/1oz) of any wine: you will be equipped with a RFID rechargable card and a glass. Go tasting and have fun. Even for the most expensive Chianti without buying the full bottle.

If you instead prefer to have sameone that chats with you to pick your wine you neet to pass by Massimiliano’s Place at Enoteca di greve. We know each other since 1985 but he is still a supporter of Juventus. Blame him from me at the end of your tasting!!

Could be impossible but it is already dinner time. you need to choose where to dine. You are at Greve, all day eating and drinking all you want to do is coming back home to Firenze and sleep… but you pass by the village of Greti and that pinkish building on the left seems a nice place… Its Vitique !! Started as a Bistrot it fastly change and become a High Standard FineDining  keeping its root in the initial background. Try it as a Bistro tonight and maybe comeback tomorrow for a memorable dinner. Dario will welcome you for sure.

See you tomorrow for breakfast at our BB, you have lots of feedback to provide me….