Tuscany Experience

Truffle Hunting

A real truffle hunt with the Trufflehunter and his dogs actively looking for this precious fruit of the soil in a natural truffle location in the Siena Countryside. This is not only a hunt, it is a way to learn about the truffle species, history, tecniques to find it. A walk in the forest where the real tour leader  is the dog, moving all around smelling the air, the soul, the trees up to the moment when is will stand still. Treasure found!
This experience includes a little truffle snack or a full truffle meal.

Siena and its Palio Museums

Visiting Siena, city of the most historical horse ride “il Palio”, have you ever consideret to visit on of the team’s museums? Here you could see some old pictures, won Palii, episodes and breath the pure Palio Atmosphere.

The sword inside the rock

The abandoned abbey of San Galgano is a standing point in a day moving around Siena. Just above itm on the Montesiepi Hill, there is a small roundshaped chapel with one of the most curious relic of Tuscany: the Sword of Saint Galgano.
Just in the middle of the chapel there is a rock coming out from the soil and inside this rock there is a real sword that has been forged in 1170.
The fact that the legend of King Arthur and his sword is the one in San Galgano might be not only a story.

Visit to wine estates & productions

Visiting a wine estate is the best way to feel and comprehend the passion and bonds of every producer with his own terroir. Chianti, Nobile, Bolgheri, Val d’Orcia,  Tuiscany is full of famous wine areas and wine houses. Some famous some not but all passionate about their products.
All estates are used to allow guest to visitors, you can choose how to link them one another.