What is Gourmet B&B

Why Gourmet Bed&Breakfast?

Today the word Gourmet   is commonly used to identify the Top Class Couisine, but it was not the right old meaning. This word comes from the antique fraincais word  groume “wine taster” mixed with gourmand that is basically “big eater” this means that Gourmet is just a person that loves to eat  6 drink products of good quality.
This is the heart of our Bed&Breakfast, offer quality products in our breakfast, tell stories and origins of Florentine recipes, suggest gastronomical paths or places – restaurants, trattorias, cellars – out of the most famous path of tourism.
But we consider that the word Gourmet can be applied to all that is cultural and not only food&wine. For this reason our Gourmet Bed&Breakfast is also a home for local knowledge, suggestion to visit that museums that the mass tourism do not even consider but are insitead excellence in their specific field and, most of the times, unfortunately empty.
If you are “extended big eater” too, our Gourmet Bed&Breakfast is ready to give you its best welcome.