Regulation for the acceptance of animals in our B&B

Our B&B has always accepted animals (dogs, cats and more), but out of respect for other guests and the common rules of hygiene, the owners must guarantee compliance with the rules below:

  • At our B&B pets are allowed, upon notice.
  • The cost of the pet’s stay varies according to the size, this cost is due to the need to clean the room more thoroughly and with adequate detergents and sanitizers to guarantee subsequent guests.
  • In the common areas of the hotel, animals must be brought on a leash, access to the breakfast room is allowed. In case of request from other guests, the animal will have to leave the breakfast room.
  • It is absolutely forbidden to let animals on beds, armchairs, chairs, tables etc.
  • Pets must not be left unattended in the rooms, for your visits to the museums we will be happy to share our contacts for Pet Sitter with you.
  • Animals must be used to living indoors and in a cleanliness regime. If your pets cause too much disorder or damage, the Management may request the payment of a supplement. The barking of dogs or the meowing of cats can disturb other guests.
  • Pet owners accept full responsibility for any damage that may result from animals.