On the way to Impruneta

On the way to Impruneta

This is the first of a collection of articles we are going to put on our Blog from time to time!

Our guest often ask us where to stop while wandering in the country, for a bite, for a pic or for just a visito or a simple aperitivo. Here we got some “Stop Points” on the way from Florence toward IMPRUNETA!!

Let’s cut off the beauty of Piazzale Michelangelo, San Miniato, Torre del Gallo or the amazing Certosa del Galluzzo, lets keep going forward and, after just a few minutes you will pass in the village of Pozzolatico. It is just a few houses and an old church. Right there on the main tourn of the village you can find L’Oca Bonda a small grocery that evolved into a tiny restaurant . Hereunder you can find the Uovo64, my favourite starter. It seems a sunny side egg but trust me it is NOT…

After a few kilometers (nice driving road but be aware, its quite narrow) arriving in Impruneta there are a lots of fantastic pictures to be taken. We are gluttonous and we suggest you to go meet Giulia and her Oil Mill to have a picture of her Olive Fields or the old stones still used to make the oil we use in Villa Landucci.

Impruneta is an amazing town, all moving around the main square, famous for Terracotta making , the Millenial Fair in september and its iconic being a “Tuscan Village”. Pass a couple of hours visiting it – you are only 15km away from Florence) enjoying the slow life could provide you the prize to meet the mayor Alessio chatting with people or asking tourist if they have some suggestion. If you would like to enjoy a visit of a Terracotta Maker we suggest you to visit M.I.T.A.L. just a few steps away from the main square. There Luigi and Enrico will show you the way they produce terracotta starting from clay collection to baking. We were there while “unpacking” a big vase from the casts…

Keep driving after the square the road bring you over the  Chiantigiana Road nearby the village of Strada in Chianti. Here, hidden behind a small door, you can find one of the best pasta maker of the world, not quantity, just quality. Pastificio Fabbri. Under the guide of Giovanni with the help of Lisa and Marco – his “kids” – pasta is still made with tecniques of two centuries ago and items dated 1958. Dry pasta at 38°C and for extremely long time (sometimes over a week) allow them to have a simply fantastic pasta. If you would like to know more about it you can visit the museum (reservation required) where original 100 years old items are present and there is also an old ” handly moved stone mill” that is even older.

Going back to the town you can stop in another location with fantastic view and a proper Tbone Florentine steak. Caminetto del Chianti. The pure florentine spirit of Franco will welcome you supported by his crew, a not existing wine list (you need to ask for it and it can be somehow told) and some real florentine dishes. Small Salame, Wildboar sausage, Finocchiona, Coccoli Artichokes “sottolio”… obviousely Tbone Steak and ask it only “as it should be done” (rare and on a wooden tray)

Going back home after this exausting feeding day you will pass bay the Tees of Ugolino Golf Club. It is one of the best 18 holes course of Italy just a few stap away from Florence. Could be a nice way to get rid of the last bite of Tiramisù you just had… Think about it for Tomorrow…

Tomorrow is another day, new location and places wait for you to visit!!!